Bilebändin päiväkirja

27.8.2010, Pub Myllytupa, Sastamala (Kökkö Open Air)

Koska yhtyeemme on saavuttanut kyseenalaista huomiota myös ulkomailla, toimitetaan tämänkertainen päiväkirjamerkintä nuorisonkin kovin suosimalla englannin kielellä. Käännöksestä vastaa iki-viisas ja luotettu Google Translator.

Since our band has achieved a questionable attention abroad, delivered this time the journal entry of youth in a very encouraging in the English language. Translation corresponds to iki-wise and trusted Google Translator.

Day dawned on a lovely, it was in front of the absolute highlights include Kokko Open Air! Pöörnen jump aboard and travel Äetsään was to begin. Ville would be a bit sort of hangover, who will remember? Harmony Vocal spot-Jarkko apureineen already stitched up audio equipment and pleasure was to walk the final vote to table the audit. I personally had way bravely without a separate amplifier, which turned out to be oivaksi choice. Sans-Amp in a straight line on top and broil. Fucking tight sound, alternately rumemmin said.

Since the sport was Vilillä expenses, visited the command Forssilaan makkarakeitolle. “We Minna” was prepared for the heat. Thank you very much. Timo was batting volleyball. Alan has his men. Upon receipt of full urheilumahansa, Vili was playing the club already kaipuussa men to the village, so press the kattohuoneistolle still get last-minute feel. I knew how to pace picked up.

There was a game for another ten, after a quiet, but the air was a big rock-festival feel. Intro tape has left the atmosphere was already running the show feel. In fact I was equipped to bat found on a flea market in male clothing. It ristiinnytti myself Kokko-määniksi. Our show was the best parhautta. Ringing and the song was, I guess? It is solved in the video recording, and Samu ‘Irma at Armadillo “Meritorious recorded. Also big thanks to him! However, it’s awful to watch. Do not know what is revealed from there. Also had the pleasure of seeing their own home village, Pirkkala, youth on the spot. They were happy excursion.

After the show we picked up stuff and Pöörnellä kotio. Ville was asleep, I do not Pöörnekään kai. It was fun! I wish Kokko Open Air endless …